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The Passing Out Parade of Herman Loos Challenge Trophy - 2016 was held on 19.10.2016 at NCC Training Centre, Rantambe in the presence of a large gathering of Principals, Teachers and parents of the respective schools. Secretary of the Ministry of Defence Engineer Karunasena Hettiarachchi attended as the Chief Guest. He took the salute and awarded Trophies and Certificates to winners under various categories. State Secretary of Defence Mr. APG Kisthsiri and the Additional Secretary of State Ministry of Defence  Mr W.A. Kulasooriya and the Officials from the State  Ministry of Defence were also among the Invited Guests.

43 Army Platoons, 04 Navy Platoons, 04 Air Force Platoons and 02 Police platoons were selected to compete for the Herman Loos Trophy based on their performances in the assessment camps and the Provincial Merit basis. Foreign Cadet Delegations from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Maldives including 03 Director Generals,18 Officers and 60 Cadets also witnessed the parade. Winners of the Herman Loos challenge trophy was Army Cadet Platoon of the Nalanda College Colombo and the Runners up was the Army Cadet Platoon of the Kingswood College Kandy. Third place won by the  Army Cadet Platoon of the Sylvester’s College Kandy.

02 NCC (Kandy) Nominated as the best Battalion of the Year and De Soyza Trophy was awarded to the Maliyadewa Girls College Kurunagala. The best Band Platoon (Girls) award won by Kagalu Balika Vidyalaya, Kagalla. Best Commander (Drill Test) was O/6671 Capt DGN Chandrakantha of Maliyadewa College Kurunegala  . Best Runner was A/02/856 Cdt Ediirisinghe WBL  of Dharmaraja College Kandy  and Best Commander (PT Test) was A/04/037 SGT Wickramanayaka MRTN of Maliyadewa College Kurunagala. A Drill Display and a PT Display was held after the parade and the winners of the All Island Band Competition performed a Band Display to entertain the crowd. Camp held from 10. 10. 2016 to 19.10.2016 and ended up with a happy note and the Cadets dispersed to their destinations on 20.10.2016.