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Major General Jeewaka Ruwan Kulatunga RSP ndc psc joined the Sri Lanka Army in March 1984 after a successful school career at prestigious Nalanda Collage, Colombo. Upon successful completion of military training, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in December 1985 and opted to join Sri Lanka Light Infantry Regiment. During his illustrious military career, he has held many Command, Staff and Instructional appointments as mentioned below,


• Staff Officer II Psy Ops during major operation to liberate Jaffna in     1995.

• Staff Officer II Media at AHQ in 1995

• Chief Instructor, Counter Revolutionary Warfare Wing Maduruoya,      1991-1992.

• Chief Instructor Battalion Officers Training Course in Elephant            Pass, 1993-1994. 

• Infantry Battalion Commander Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Wanni in            1996-1999.

• Commanding Officer, Chief Instructor and Director Academics at        SLMA in 2000-2003.

• Military Assistant to Commander of the Army in 2004-2005

• Infantry Brigade Commander, Muhamalei, Jaffna in 2005-2007.

• Commandant, Jaffna Town Sector in 2007-2009. 

• Chief Coordinating Officer on Civil Administration in Jaffna,                2007-2009 

• Commandant SLMA in 2009-2011.

• Infantry Division Commander, Jaffna in 2011-2012.

• Director Military Operations AHQ in 2012-2013.

• Deputy Vice Chancellor KDU in 2015-2016.

• Security Force Commander Wanni in 2016-2017.

• Commandant DSCSC from 2017- 2019

He is a product of Sri Lanka Military Academy, Diyatalawa and obtained the Certificate on Human Resource Management from INTAN, Malaysia, the Certificate on Personal Management from IPM Sri Lanka, graduated as a diploma holder in PSY OPS and CIV AFF from the Special Force Training School, Ft BRACG, in North Carolina USA, Graduated with “psc” from Command and General Staff College at High Gate, Malaysia. Obtained the Pg Dip in Strategic and Defence Studies awarded by University of Malaya in 1996. Possess a Pg Dip in IR awarded by BCIS, Colombo in 2013. Obtained the Master’s degree in National Security Administration from the National Defence College of the Philippines along with the title of ‘ndc’, 2014. Followed the Executive Security Managers Course in APCSS, Hawaii USA, 2013.

The senior officer is from the Sri Lanka Light Infantry having an active service of more than 36 years. During this period he has served more than 25 years in the North and East of Sri Lanka engaging deeply in counter terrorist operations. He is a qualified Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Officer from USA. As a military training officer he has served in different capacities from Course Officer to Commandant and was responsible in training more than 2000 officers and other ranks in the Army. Apart from that he is a resource person on Human Resource Management, Material Management, lecturing on Personality and Human Capital Development, counseling, assessments on threat and risk in personal security and civil military coordination. National Security, Policy Studies and Counter Terrorism are his core subjects and presently teaching at Defence Services Command and Staff College, Bandaranayeke Centre for International Relations and Bandaranayake International Diplomatic Training Institute. He is a researcher on strategic concepts and changing nature on global terrorism.


Major General JR Kulatunga in his unblemished career, while serving as the Jaffna Town Sector Commander was responsible in preparing security plans, intelligence reports and providing security to the people in Jaffna during the final battle in 2007-2009.


During the tenure of Director Operations at AHQ, he held the responsibilities of Director Military Intelligence and Director Planning during their absence. Also prepared the Security Plan and conducted awareness programmes for major schools in Colombo during the crisis in April, 2019. As an expert in Counter Terrorist Operations and Training, he has been engaged in lecturing in many military and civil institutions both local and abroad.


The officer represented Sri Lanka and Army in many important international conferences and seminars around the world on Peace and Security, Post Conflict matters and Disaster Management. He was a member of the first Defence Dialogue Team that went to India in 2013 to conduct Army to Army Talks between Sri Lanka and India. Attended at the International Conference for Global Peace as a Keynote Speaker at Lahore Center for Peace Research (LCPR) in Istanbul, Turkey, April 2019. From these seminars he was able to secure the optimum advantage to the Army and to the country at large. Apart from that major General Kulatunga had been a resources person in the last couple of Colombo Defence Seminars organized by the Sri Lanka Army.


In recognition of his gallantry and bravery in the face of the enemy during the operation, he was awarded Rana Soora Padakkama (RSP) and several other medals for his unblemished service.


The Senior Officer is happily married and blessed with a daughter and two sons and a daughter.