04th February, 2019


National Cadet Corps squad consisting of 300 Cadets those who have been selected form 38 Battalions established across the Island marched proudly at 71st National Day Celebrations.Major General MMS Perera as the Director NCC in the mean time heading the institution to achieve its strategic objectives, personally observed training of the squad for the parade.


The National Cadet corps has today spread to all parts of Sri lanka with 38 Battalions involving over 4500 schools and some one hundred thousand cadets and over 2500 officers in the senior and Junior divisions of the Corps. In the process of development through the years its objectives too have changed. At the inception it was only to produce discipline and do drill. Today we believe we produce good, loyal and patriotic citizens and the leaders of tomorrow.


The NCC has taken interest of national reconciliation and specially school cadets of Northern and Eastern provinces play a pivotal role when they do camping at Rantambe training center with cadets form the South.


The NCC Squad was commanded by Major Upali Senevirathne and Major Geetha Dimbulkumbura paying the National Cadet Corps salute to His Excellency the President, at 71st National Day Celebration Parade.